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  • Revival Is Now

    Religion is a tradition. It is a casket full of people wanting life, but slowly dying. It is waiting merely for the decay to turn the people to bones and suck them down to the grave. The true church of Christ is alive and well, and needs to break free from the traditions of men. Every tree that does not bear fruit will be cut down and cast into the fire, but the tree that bears fruit, God will prune so that it will bear more fruit. God is bringing back the true church like in the book of Acts. As believers we are to go forth into the world, heal the sick, share the gospel, baptize others with water and the Holy Spirit, cast out demons, and make them disciples to do the same. God is pouring out His Spirit like never before, and we must repent as believers and cry out to Him to be used like never before, and we will do all these things as we were instructed to in His word.