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  • Focus on Music Licensing

    Focus on Music Licensing

    I am pleased to announce my fateful journey into the world of music licensing.  I am revising my gameplan, and it's honestly hard to restrain myself and not jump the gun too soon.  I hope that there are a few of you out there that will embark on this journey with me to see what will happen.  I can't promise fresh youtube videos on the steady right away, but I do realize the need for fresh content on a consistent basis as a means of success, just as much as writing music.  I just need to figure out how to balance my time to maximize results.  I suppose writing this out is part of my way of trying to develop my next steps.

    It amazes me that I haven't really thought much about sync licensing my music in a good 20 years, give or take. And looking back to my time in Denver around 2000 I missed a really great opportunity with a gentlemen who had a ministry of sorts, with a full A/V studio with green screen, and a focus on syncing music to film.  Somehow I got hung up on the process at the time, with a VHS and writing music to something so (to me) volatile.  And I was too busy becoming a rock star.  So, we all know how that went.

    Fast forward to 2019 and I have had my interest piqued by someone who has unfortunately decided to go a different direction. I am thankful to be focused on writing music with a purpose again however, and am rolling with the momentum.  

    I am currently finishing up and working on a lot of fresh material, then I will be launching my website dedicated to my music.  I will be seeking landing original content into tv, film, commercial, or other licensing deals via publishing houses, music libraries, and directly through my website.  This is the longer term goal I want to achieve.  

    I will also be exploring the current "beat selling" concept that is so hot in hiphop culture right now, and attempt to broaden the scope of this approach to other genres. Perhaps there is a broader market, or crossover market I can contribute to. 

    I will also be looking into licensing stems for remixers and other producers.

    Currently... trying to suss out the website details.