Random Abstractions

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  • What I Want To Be...

    What I want to be is so far from what I am.

    Still want to be.

    Still strive to be.

    Still find myself sinking in quicksand.

    The more I struggle, the more I seem to sink.

    Should I keep trying, or give up?

    I feel like giving up, but instinct says survive.

    Godly or Earthly.

    I haven't found success.

    I fail miserably.

    Yet something still strives to be alive.

    I want to give more.

    I want to be more.

    I want to thrive.

    I want to encourage others,

    But find myself stuck in anxiety and frustration

    That make me bitter and difficult to approach.

    I am aware of just how I push others away,

    But find myself struggling to break free of that.

    God help me.  I will press on.