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  • Why The Big Blue Marble Photo Is Fake

    Why The Big Blue Marble Photo Is Fake

    Why the blue marble image is fake:
    If the astronauts were heading to the moon, they would NEVER head southwards from Earth, as the moon orbits the Equator. The moon moves? It doesn't move from North to South. Ever. You cannot head south to reach east or west by any calculation. Clearly the alleged photograph is of southern Africa.

    Now, if the sun is behind them, which obviously it must be since the entire image is lit up (unless they have a giant flash bulb?) Then it can only light up half the Earth at the same time. Not the bottom half. (The sun also rises in the EAST and sets in the WEST. Not the south or the north.) Moscow is in same time zone as the area of Eastern Africa. If it is noon in Madagascar, then it is noon in Moscow. If you can't see the opposite side of the globe from the vantage point of the alleged photograph, then NEITHER CAN THE SUN. It can't be dark in Moscow when it is broad daylight in Madagascar since they are in the same time zone. Yet when you look at this alleged photograph, that's exactly what you should find if it were real. Get a ball and a flashlight and see if you can understand what I am saying. Since when does the sun shine only on the southern hemisphere and not the northern? No, it shines on the eastern and not the western at the same time (or vice versa)