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  • Penn Gets A Bible

    So I suck at sharing my faith. I generally don't go talking about it all the time because nobody really wants to hear about it. But Penn is right. It is a bit hateful to believe people are going to hell with sincerity and not tell them that Jesus has provided a way out from that. So here I am making one of these posts again.

    Really, to me, nothing else matters as much as my relationship with God, because everything else we work or struggle for in life is temporary. None of it goes with us to the other side. Only the works we do in God's name have any eternal value.

    When I say 'works' don't get me wrong. We cannot earn salvation. Nobody is good enough to get into heaven. Because of original sin we are all doomed to an eternity in hell. But God, out of his love for us, and out of desire to be reconciled to us, has provided a way that anyone who wants to can escape hell and live a perfected life in God's presence full of peace and joy. That way was Jesus. The Bible tells us that all who believe in their heart that Jesus is LORD, and confesses it with their mouth shall be saved.

    Do you think you can get into heaven on your own merits? Have you ever told a lie in your life? The Bible tells us that liars shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. Have you ever gotten drunk? The bible tells us that drunkards shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Have you ever had an impure thought about a woman or man? Jesus raised the bar when he said that if you merely look upon a woman with lust, that you have committed adultery with her in your heart. You are unfit to be in God's presence. But God's GRACE covers a multitude of sins. When you are in Jesus, you become a new creation. You are 'born again'.... spiritually. When God looks at you now, he no longer sees your sin, but he sees his Son, who took your sin with him upon the cross. Now you are redeemed. Now you can rest in God's love.

    Do you know him? Do you know where you will spend eternity? Won't you invite Jesus to be a part of your life today? We are not guaranteed even one more day on this earth. All you have to do is cry out to the Lord. He will hear you and answer. The bible tells us he does not differentiate, but ANYONE can come to him that desires to do so. There is nothing you are or have done that is too big for him to forgive.

    God bless you all. This is not a place for hate or arguments, but feel free to ask me any honest questions on this thread or in PM. You don't have to believe in Christ. We all have free will. If you don't like what I have to say, just scroll on down the page. But I pray that this message would reach someone who really needs to hear it today.