Colby - Snaggletooth EP

1) Red Snaggletooth

2) Blue Snaggletooth

3) Until Redemption

OUT ON April 13, 2013

Aenaria Chill AENCH080

Tech House/Deep House/Progressive House

Colby - Dark Days/Surround Me (Dual Singles)

1) Dark Days (Original Mix)

2) Surround Me (Original Mix)

OUT ON April 8, 2013

EML Records EML3506

Progressive House/Deep House

Colby - Spring Energy/Precipice (Dual Singles)

1) Spring Energy (Original Mix)

2) Precipice (Original Mix)

RELEASED March 28, 2013

LayZee Records LAYZEE1310

Acid/Progressive House/Deep House

We're All Gonna Die: Doomsday 2012 Special (V/A EP)

4) Psonic Bionic - Sweet Life
Released Dec 21st, 2012

Sub Generation Records SUBGEN3403


Electronic Music Lovers: Winter Warmers Volume Two (EP)

4) Psonic Bionic - Desert Droid
Released Dec 17th, 2012

EML Recordings EML3401


Dark Matter (V/A EP/Artist Collab)

4) Psonic Bionic - Bespin Blues (ft Alabaster Grimm)
OUT ON Dec 17th, 2012

Sub Generation Records SUBGEN051


The World Of Acid (V/A Compilation)

12) Colby - Autumn Rain (Original Acid Mix) 
OUT ON Dec 14th, 2012

Bavaria Recordings 10049437


Electronic Music Lovers (Winter Warmers Volume One) (V/A Compilation)

3) Psonic Bionic - Attack Of The Bass Drones
OUT ON Dec 10th, 2012

EML Recordings EML3400


Berlin Minimal (V/A Compilation/Remix)

14) Colby - Autumn Rain (Taylor Norris Remix)

OUT ON Dec 07th, 2012

Muenchen 10049413

Minimal/Dark House/Techno

Hard Minimal (V/A Compilation/Remix)

3) Colby - Autumn Rain (Taylor Norris Remix)

OUT ON Dec 07th, 2012

Volt9 Records 10048980

Minimal/Dark House/Techno

Hard Minimal (V/A Compilation/Remix)

3) Colby - Autumn Rain (Taylor Norris Remix)

OUT ON Dec 07th, 2012

Silver Screen Recordings 10048980

Minimal/Dark House/Techno

Selection For DJ - Techno & Tribal Techno Session (V/A Compilation/Remix)

47) Mr9Carter - Nebulized (Colby's Ravetastic Mix)

OUT ON Dec 07th, 2012

Iplug Logo 10048603


Colby - Autumn Rain (EP)

1) Autumn Rain (Original Acid Mix)

2) Autumn Rain (Roger Burns Remix)

3) Autumn Rain (Audio Stylist Remix)

4) Autumn Rain (Taylor Norris Remix)

5) Autumn Rain (Cliff's 6am Stripped Edit)

OUT ON Dec 06th, 2012

Burnzzz Records 10048916

Acid/Minimal/Techno/Dark House

Mr9Carter - Nebulized (EP/Remix)

1) Nebulized (Original Mix)

2) Nebulized (Roger Burns Remix)

3) Nebulized (Mekanik's Remix)

4) Nebulized (Colby's Ravetastic Mix)

5) Nebulized (Groovepatcher Remix)

6) Nebulized (Wendall Remix)

OUT ON Nov 29th, 2012

Burnzzz Records 10048472


Psonic Bionic - Attack Of The Bass Drones (EP)

1) Attack Of The Bass Drones (Original Mix)

2) Desert Droid (Original Mix)

3) Sweet Life (Original Mix)

OUT ON Nov 12, 2012

Sub Generation SUBGEN044


SMIDI & Colby - Red World (Single)

1) Red World (Original Mix)

OUT ON Nov 05th, 2012

EML Recordings EML3313


Colby - Liquid Moment (Single)

1) Liquid Moment (Original Mix)

OUT ON May 28th, 2012

EML Recordings EML3135

Acid/chill house/tech house/progressive house

Colby - Far Removed (EP)

1) Far Removed (Original Mix)

2) Waves (Original Mix)

 OUT ON May 14th, 2012

Layzee Records LAYZEE001

Acid/Chill/Deep House/Progressive House

Colby - Truth Terrarium (EP)

1) Truth Terrarium (Original Mix)

2) Slap In The Face (Original Mix)


OUT ON APRIL 30th, 2012

Layzee Records LAYZEE002

Acid/Deep House/Progressive

SMIDI & Colby - Across The Pond (Single)

1) Across The Pond (Original Mix)

OUT ON APRIL 9th, 2012

EML Recordings EML2078

Techno, Nurave

Colby - Endgame (EP)

1) Endgame (Original Mix)

2) Ripples (Original Mix)

3) Summer Holiday (Original Mix)

OUT ON APRIL 2nd, 2012

Aenaria Chill AENCH064

Tech House

The View (V/A EP)

1) Mike Duz - View

2) Thomas Calcatelli - Smilin Faces (Original Mix)

3) Colby - Ripples (Original Mix) (Single)

February 2012

Aenaria Chill AENCH061

Tech House

Klick - Collider (EP) (w/Bryan Scott)

  1) Hadron (Original Mix)

  2) Hadron (Growling Prophet Mix)

August 2011

Minimal Techno

Colby - Points (EP)

  1) Points (Original Mix)

  2) Pointed (Original Mix)

  3) Parallel Points (Original Mix)

February 2011

Aenaria Chill AENCH047

Tech House

Colby - Simple Geometry (EP)

  1) Colby - Segments (Single)

  2) Colby - Angles (Single)

  3) Colby - Shapes (Single)

February 2011

Wreckless Music WM008

Progressive House

Colby - Dots (Single)

January 2011

Wreckless Music WM007

Jackin Tech House

Psonic Bionic - Rhythm Scape I (Tech Mix) (Single)
May 2010

Wreckless Music WM006

Acid Techno

Bryan Scott vs Psonic Bionic - Dagobah
April 2010

Wreckless Music WM005


Psonic Bionic -  Snowday (Single)
March 2010

Wreckless Music WM004

Nuskool Breaks

Citizen Abstract - Day Of The Machines

June 2009

Wreckless Music WM003

IDM / Glitch

Randy Colby - PBS Science & Song (RC Breaks Mix)
May 2009

Runner Up for Indaba Music Contest

Nuskool Breaks

Citizen Abstract - Quirk
May 2009

Wreckless Music WM002

IDM / Breaks

Wreckless Abandon - Over The Top (Album)
March 2009
Wreckless Music WM001

Electronic Rock

Divine Rhythm - Enraptured
on Eclectica 2 (V/A Compilation)
N-Soul Records nsd9971

Atmospheric Drum & Bass